Former Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley has appealed to fans for financial help after revealing he is broke and facing eviction from his family home.

The singer, who played with the rockers in the 1980s, briefly reformed with the Epic hitmakers in 2010, 22 years after he quit, but he was not invited back for the group's latest reunion earlier this year (14), and now he admits he has fallen on hard times.

Taking to on Wednesday (03Dec14), Mosley confessed he has no choice but to swallow his pride and ask the public for donations via online payment service Paypal as he and his family face being homeless for the holidays.

In the emotional post, he writes, "Hey friends and other peoples, I am really dreading this. I have fought myself over this for more than a couple months. I seem to have no other choice than to lose my pride due to the lacking ability to provide a sense of security for my family.

"The shocking truth is that i'm not rich. We struggle every day, just like most everybody, more, right now, worse than ever, in a long time.

"Our landlord wants to sell the house we've lived in for ten years, and yes, we are behind in our rent, so he's using that as leverage to get us out so he can fix up and sell, right away...

"So here I am, for my family, on my knees, asking for help. I'm ashamed for being in this condition, that I have to burden others who look to me only to be my friend, and for me to be theirs, and I am abusing that relationship, and I apologize, but for my family I'll do anything... legal. And that's the reality."

Mosley, who is even offering up artwork by his partner Pip Logan in exchange for "any substantial donations", goes on to claim his current band, Vua, has had to scrap plans for a tour due to his personal problems, which have also prevented the members from recording any new music.

Concluding the note, he adds, "I'm sorry for asking. If i could do anything for you, please ask, and I swear I will do everything in my power to serve you, any way I can."