Gabriella Cilmi loves taking risks with fashion.

The 'On a Mission' hitmaker believes Lady GaGa is a great Example of taking fashion to the extreme, but is unsure if she would wear clothes similar to her meat dress because she would be tempted to start eating herself.

Speaking at the Indesit Party Laundrette Gabriella - who was styled in an unusual bubble-themed creation - told BANG Showbiz: "The meat dress is probably a bit too much. I'd probably start eating myself. To be honest, I don't know - it makes me feel uncomfortable. There would be flies everywhere! Maybe it was cured or something?"

Discussing her own unusual clothing, Gabriella claims it is not something she would wear regularly because she likes freedom of movement.

She said: "I wouldn't do this on a normal day out. I have sympathy with Lady Gaga because you can't move in this. It's quite tough, but I'm trying to keep my hands down."