Gina Rodriguez wants to be like Jennifer Lawrence.

The 'Jane The Virgin' star has admitted she had hoped to emulate the career of the 'Hunger Games' star but has claimed it doesn't ''look like that'' happened.

Speaking of her 2012 movie 'Filly Brown', she told The Wrap: ''With 'Filly Brown', I thought - it's Sundance, and I'm going to be this It Girl, I'm going to be like Jennifer Lawrence. I was ready to play a superhero! I'm ready to do this!

''And it didn't look like that. What you realise is you need to enjoy each experience and enjoy each project, and everything comes to an end. It's not about what that's supposed to lead to, it's not about what your career is then supposed to look like.''

Whilst the 30-year-old beauty may not see herself to be as well known as 24-year-old Jennifer, her leading role in the comedy show has caused her a little embarrassment whilst out in public.

She shared previously: ''People ask me about my sex life all the time. Everyone wants to know if I'm really a virgin. But hey, I'm 30! Sometimes I'll walk into a room and someone will shout, 'Look, it's the virgin!' It's wildly inappropriate but I can see where their heart is.''