Guy Pearce has split from his wife Kate.

The 48-year-old actor has revealed the couple decided to end their 18-year marriage in January this year, but have apparently separated on good terms, with Guy paying a glowing tribute to the psychologist.

In a statement, he said: ''Kate and I will always love and support one another and be the best of friends. No one knows me like Kate does, and we'll forever be appreciative of our mutual respect. We've both grown enormously through our relationship, but sadly, the time has come to part ways.''

The 'Iron Man' star also took to Twitter to announce the news to his online followers.

He wrote: ''Rumours r true I'm afraid - Kate and I parted ways back in Jan.

''Sorry 2 be boring but we couldn't be closer. We'll love each other 4 ever xx (sic)''

In the 18 years they were husband and wife, the couple never had any children and Guy previously revealed he doesn't think he's suited to fatherhood.

Guy said: ''I don't even need them. There are enough babies in the world. Besides, I don't think I would be good for babies.

''I'd be on and off. I think they need more consistent affection than I would be able to give.''