Haim had ''the most fun'' they've ever had making their upcoming album, 'Women in Music Pt. III' - despite the songs coming from a ''dark place''.

The Grammy-nominated trio - made up of sisters Danielle, 31, Este, 34, and Alana, 28 - poured their hearts out on their third studio album, which was written during a difficult period for all three sisters.

Danielle's boyfriend and producer to the stars, Ariel Rechtshaid, was battling cancer, Este was suffering from Type 1 diabetes, and Alana's best friend tragically died in a car accident.

However, channelling their grief and emotions into the LP gave them a ''lightness''.

In an interview with Variety, Danielle said: ''It was the most fun we've had making an album, and the most spontaneously that we've ever made music.

''This is my favourite album we've made, and I hope that people can hear that confidence.

''We wrote a lot of these songs in this dark place, but we had this lightness making the recorded music -- I mean, it's bizarre.''

Este, the eldest sibling, admitted that whenever any of them are feeling ''glum or blue'', they all feel it, but she admitted it doesn't always feel right to let her sisters know when she is feeling down, when they have their own battles.

The 'Don't Wanna' hitmaker added that the three of them ''felt lonely and isolated at the time'', despite them all being so ''close'' to one another.

She explained: ''We're self-aware enough to know that sometimes we're not the best at communicating.

''It's this weird dichotomy that we tend to tell each other everything, and then wear the emotions of each other.

''So when one of us is feeling glum or blue, the other two tend to join that person in their loneliness.

''If I know that, do I really want to divulge how I'm feeling, if I know that my family is going to feel that way too?

''For me, at least, it was a big push and pull: I wanted to be able to share my experience, but was also conscious that my sisters were not feeling in the best headspace.

''We are so close, but we still felt lonely and isolated at the same time.''