Heidi Montag plans to ''age gracefully'' after swearing off plastic surgery.

The former 'The Hills' star, who famously who underwent 10 procedures, including breast implants, a nose job and chin implant, in one day in 2010, says she deeply regrets changing her appearance and will never get anything altered again.

The 28-year-old beauty said: ''I'm just done with all of it. I'm going to age gracefully and bow out.''

Heidi admits she only went under the knife because she was very insecure.

She told 'Extra': ''I disliked myself so much I literally chopped up my whole body.

''I'm surgery girl. That sucks.''

When shown a series of pictures of her before her operations, she said: ''Sometimes it makes me a little sad because I see not only what I look like, but who I was.''

Heidi regrets her chin implant the most because she still suffers pain there.

She said: ''I have TMJ [Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders] now and my jaw hurts. I don't think people do tell you the trauma of what you're going to heal from. I was in so much pain, I actually thought I was going to die.''