Holly Valance wants a body like Kim Kardashian.

The glamorous Australian singer would love a body like reality star Kim Kardashian or Jessica Biel and follows a strict exercise regime including special Bodyism workouts in order to achieve her dream figure.

Holly, 28, said: ''Jessica Biel's [body] is unbelievable and looks like she works very hard, she's like a work of art, great muscle tone.

''I love Kim Kardashian's body, the epitome of what a woman should look like and men melt for.''

In order to achieve her dream body, Holly is rigorous about her exercise routine which consists of daily yoga workouts and special Bodyism sessions. The Australian fitness concept, designed to tone athletic builds, is also favoured by supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Holly explained: ''Yoga is body transforming as well and keeps you peaceful.

''I train with Bodyism a few days a week, James (her trainer) is very realistic and caters to everyone's different shapes and levels to make the best you.''

Holly is a keen cook and advocate for healthy eating.

But when it comes to a guilty pleasure, she says: ''Popcorn with peanut M&M's mixed in! America has taught me well.''

Holly Valance is launching Gallo Moscato wine, the new sweet light to medium-bodied wine. For more information visit www.gallofamily.co.uk/moscato.