Hugh Hefner’s widow says he was an “odd and robotic” lover who was worse in bed than teenage boys.

The Playboy founder, who died age 91 in 2017 from sepsis, is being accused of being terrible in bed by former Playmate Crystal Hefner, 37, who has just published her memoir and was 21 when she started a relationship with the publishing magnate.

Opening up in the book about how the pornographer wasn’t “savvy” when it came to sex and branding him “odd and robotic” in bed, she says: “(It was) like Hef was just going through the motions of something that had once been fun and sexy. Or maybe it was never fun and sexy.”

Crystal adds in her autobiography ‘Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself’ that during sex, Hugh would gaze vacantly at the ceiling mirror.

She said: “He seemed less sex-savvy than some of the teenage boys I’d been with years ago.

“It was clear to me Hef had never taken a moment in his entire life to figure out how to please someone else.”

Crystal, who is planning to go back to using her maiden name of Harris, added no one dared to give Hugh sex tips.

She said: “I think when you have so much money and power and so many ‘Yes people’ around you, you just stick with your own narrative in your mind, and then everyone else just goes along with it.”

Crystal was 21 when she was invited to stay at the Playboy Mansion in October 2008, and a few months later she and Hugh entered a relationship before Crystal became the pornographer’s third wife when they tied the knot in 2012.

She also revealed in 2023 Hugh took so much Viagra to maintain his erection in the years before his death he went deaf in one ear.

Crystal told the Daily Mail: “Hef always said he’d rather be deaf and still able to have sex. Weird.”

She says in her book he stopped having sex in 2014, which left her feeling “relieved”.

Crystal added: “There was no more bringing girls home, no more performances. “For years, I had been keeping up the Playboy Playmate charade for Hef, for the public.”