Review of Able Archer Album by I Concur

Leeds based I Concur have been kicking around since 2006 but Able Archer is their debut full length album, and what a debut. The band consists of Tim Hann (Lead Vocals) and guitar, James Brunger (Drums/Vox), Chris Woolford (Guitar) and Toby Page (Bass). They say they enjoy good music 'especially the American Indie stuff' and this album is testament to that.

I Concur Able Archer Album

Influenced by the likes of Mogwai and Wilco, I Concur produce pure shoegaze indie-rock. The epic opener Iterate This crescendos into a huge tune of distorted vocals and scuzzy guitar providing the perfect introduction to the band's sound. Build Around Me is another stand out track with its thumping rhythmic drum beat. Lead single Sobotka is supposedly about a character from the TV programme 'The Wire' and although reasonably strong, would not be my choice for lead single, there are at least three other track that scream 'single' at you.

The band say Able Archer is a collection of ten tall tales concerning lands severed by motorways, languages lost by ignorance and leaders taking lesser mortals to the brink of nuclear extinction. Produced by Leeds music aficionado and producer James Kenosha, it is certainly a personal and deep reaching album both musically and lyrically. From the brilliant hook of Decimal Places and the repetition of the lyrics 'All questions, no answers' to the heart rending 'We can stand here forever, If that's what you want, I'll oblige' and the guitar picking of Oblige, the album hits a chord with anyone who has a heart.

If indie rock/shoegazing is your thing, you need to check out this album. It is brilliantly produced, honest music that showcases the band's talent as song writers and performers. Able Archer is a debut to be proud of.

Robyn Burrows

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