Ireland Baldwin says her father Alec is ''the best shopping buddy''.

Although the duo have had their troubles in the past - most notably when Alec left a voicemail message for his daughter calling her a ''rude, thoughtless little pig'' in 2007 - Ireland, 17, says they have a great relationship now.

She said: ''My dad and I are very tight knit, despite what people may think. Even though I don't see him all the time, when we do it's very special.

''He's the best shopping buddy. He goes, 'Ireland that doesn't fit right,' or 'I don't like how the pockets look.' He knows women's clothes.''

Ireland also loves to raid the closet of her mother Kim Basinger, who she calls her ''best friend''.

She added to People: ''I love stealing my mom's clothes. She has a pretty phenomenal Sarah Jessica Parker closet. We have dance parties in the kitchen, we're best friends.''

Ireland can't wait to become a big sister when Alec's second wife Hilaria gives birth and she is excited about welcoming a half-brother or sister to the family.

She said: ''I have always wanted a sibling, I'm so excited to meet my sister. I want her to know that I'm here for whatever she needs.''