Jack Whitehall teams up with his theatrical agent father for his latest show 'Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad', the first episode of which has hit TV screens to a warm welcome.

Jack Whitehall and Michael Whitehall
Michael and Jack Whitehall team up for the latter's latest show

Jack Whitehall has had a string of comedy successes in recent years such as 'Hit The Road Jack', which saw him on a comedy tour of the UK in 2012; Channel 4 comedy show 'Fresh Meat', in which he stars as an upper-class, wannabe ladykiller at university; and his self-written school comedy 'Bad Education' which sees him play a generally useless young teacher.

And that's not to mention all the stand-up shows he's been involved with! It just keeps getting better for Jack as he now unveils his equally posh but thus old fashioned father Michael Whitehall along with him to an appreciative response.

The show airs on BB3 and this week featured formidable political journalist Jeremy Paxman and 'Deviation' star Danny Dyer as guests. Interaction with both guests proved to be significantly joke-worthy, with Jack turning the tables on Jeremy by referring to a Radio Times article suggesting he didn't vote despite Jeremy insisting on its importance, but it was Jack and his father's relationship that brought in the main entertainment as they spoke openly about Jack's inherited manhood and various other embarrassing topics.

Danny Dyer, Jack Whitehall, Jeremy Paxman and Michael Whitehall
Danny Dyer and Jeremy Paxman made entertaining first show guests

Mr. Whitehall, who has previously represented the likes of Judi Dench and Colin Firth, even found himself struggling to find a wine list at KFC and made the rather unusual request of a medium-rare burger at McDonald's.

The duo have previously appeared together on TV for 'Million Pound Drop' as well as the 'Edinburgh Fringe', and have made the ultimate bonding gesture by co-writing an autobiography together entitled 'Him And Me'. Some influence may have come from the Matt Lucas' comedy show 'The Matt Lucas Awards' which co-starred his own mother, but it's fair to say we haven't seen anything quite like 'Backchat' before.