Jack Whitehall's mum packed him 30 condoms for a "lads' holiday".

The 'Jungle Cruise' actor was 19 years old when he went to Ibiza with a group of friends, and he admitted his mother Hilary tried to make sure he'd be 'safe' on the trip.

Appearing on Alan Carr's 'Life's a Beach' podcast, he said: "The first lads’ holiday I went on I was still living at home at the time.

“I got out there and my mum had somehow managed to get into my suitcase. I opened it up on day one of this holiday and there were 30 condoms that she had smuggled into the bag.

"I was there for three days. I was like, ‘How much use do you think these would get?’ I was a very awkward 19-year-old boy."

The 34-year-old star joked that his mum's concern was misplaced, as he actually ended up bringing back an extra condom rather than making use of the ones she provided.

He added: "And the funny thing is, I counted them when I came back and there were 31. I’d gained a condom rather than used any of them on that trip.”

Now, Jack's mother has taken a different approach with "passive-aggressive" gifts after buying him baby clothes for Christmas to encourage him to start a family with long term girlfriend Roxy Horner.

Writing in last year's book 'How To Survive Family Holidays', the comedian wrote: "The only presents I get from my mother now are passive-aggressive ones: Deodorant, a net to catch my beard trimmings in, a babygrow. ‘Mummy, I don’t have a child. Don’t remind me’.

“I don’t know how she thinks the reproductive urge works, like I’ll think, ‘Oh, I seem to have acquired a lot of baby clothes. Maybe I should get a baby to go with them’.

"Instead of a babygrow, she’d be better off gifting me a broody woman with low standards.”