Jack Whitehall has joked his newborn baby's nappies look like she's enjoyed "five pints of Guinness and a kebab" on a night out.

The 35-year-old star has shared an amusing selfie of himself looking incredibly tired two weeks after he and his 32-year-old girlfriend Roxy Horner welcomed a daughter together last week, and he's reflected on the first fortnight as a father.

Alongside a selfie of himself with his eyes closed holding a sign between his teeth which reads "Shhh I'm sleepy", the new dad wrote on Instagram: "Can’t believe I’m only two weeks into this.

"Also every morning I see these nappy’s and think did someone sneak in last night and give my daughter five pints of Guinness and a kebab? (sic)"

Jack recently joked he is "100 per cent going to be the parent that shows everyone endless pictures of their kid".

Sharing his first family snap on social media, he wrote: "Well this just happened! Utterly overwhelming and joyous in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. In awe of my partner @roxyhorner who has been amazing throughout this journey and is going to be the greatest mum ever.

"So excited to have started a family of my own. Having vowed I’d never be that guy I am now 100 per cent going to be the parent that shows everyone endless pictures of their kid.

"I also wore Skechers to hospital, I think I must accept I am a full blown dad now. Name wise after this weekend I think ‘rice, rice, baby’ has a nice ring to it."

Back in June, Roxy revealed that she was not "nervous" at all about giving birth.

She said: “I have always wanted a baby and a family so it’s always been on the cards."

She added about preparing for her baby’s arrival: “I've been really lucky, I’ve got a family of women who love to knit and my mum has knitted me all these beautiful little cardigans and outfits.

“I’ve not actually bought any clothes, because I’ve got so many knitted ones! We need to get cracking with the baby’s room, and we’re gonna have a little week away somewhere when Jack comes off tour in July, I’d quite like to go to Cornwall.”