James Franco Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

25th March 2016

Quote: "I truly believe it's an amazing comedy, and people can't really see it for what it is because of everything that surrounded it." James Franco on his controversial 2014 film The Interview, which sparked the Sony database hack. The film followed the antics of a TV host and his producer who land an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un only to learn they must kill him.

26th January 2016

Fact: James Franco is turning his new movie into a family affair after adding his second brother, Tom Franco, to the cast. Neighbors star Dave Franco previously signed on for The Disaster Artist, which will be the first project to feature all three Franco brothers. Director James shared the news by posting a picture of the trio on Instagram, captioning it, "All 3 Franco Brothers in 1 crazy movie!!! #thedisasterartist". The film, also featuring Seth Rogen and Kate Upton, is a behind-the-scenes movie about the 2003 drama The Room, which is widely considered one of the worst releases of all time.

9th December 2015

Fact: Neighbors co-stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are teaming up for their third project together in The Disaster Artist, a behind-the-scenes movie about the 2003 drama The Room, which is widely considered one of the worst movies of all time. James Franco will also star in and direct the project, and his brother Dave Franco, as well as Jacki Weaver, Josh Hutcherson and Kate Upton are all slated to appear in the film.

7th November 2015

Quote: "My mother's Jewish, so I'm technically Jewish, but I was never bar mitzvahed (sic) when I was young. It was always something I talked about with friends - that one day when school was done or when I had a break I would prepare for my bar mitzvah. Then Seth Rogen just sort of pushed me into it and said, 'Why don't we do it and we'll do it for his cause, Hilarity for Charity, that fights Alzheimer's'." Actor James Franco relished the idea of his celebrity to raise awareness for pal Seth Rogen's Alzheimer's charity. He celebrated his bar mitzvah at the age of 37 last month (Oct15).

14th October 2015

Quote: "If she were allowed to play (more) roles beyond just teenagers with teen interests, she would show her innate maturity and strength. She has had to face pressures and scrutiny at a young age that most (people) never face in a lifetime. So when she is able to display the strength and leadership she has developed, she shines." James Franco is a big fan of his Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez.

25th August 2015

Tweet: "Congrats Davy and Allison!! Engaged!!! I WUUUUUV YOU". James Franco shares his excitement over the recent engagement of his younger brother Dave Franco to actress Alison Brie.

5th May 2015

Fact: John Cleese, Alec Baldwin and James Franco have signed on to voice characters in a new environmentally-themed animated family film, titled Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad. In the movie, comedy veteran Cleese will play the sinister Doc Walrus, who "hatches a secret plot" to accelerate global warming and melt the arctic circle, prompting a group of inexperienced heroes, voiced by Franco, Baldwin, Anjelica Huston and Heidi Klum, to foil his evil plans.

27th March 2015

Quote: "I got these two black cat sisters and I always name them after characters from literature, so these were Lux from The Virgin Suicides and Max from Where the Wild Things Are, because... they told me it was a boy! Sadly one ran away." James Franco is missing one of his furry friends.

17th March 2015

Quote: "I like to think that I'm gay in my art and straight in my life. Although, I'm also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse, and then you could say I'm straight. So I guess it depends on how you define gay. If it means whom you have sex with, I guess I'm straight. In the twenties and thirties, they used to define homosexuality by how you acted and not by whom you slept with. Sailors would f**k guys all the time, but as long as they behaved in masculine ways, they weren't considered gay." James Franco attempts to set the record straight about his sexuality in an interview with himself for the March (15) issue of Four Two Nine magazine.

16th November 2014

Fact: Actor James Franco let Internet users order him around during a live hangout on Google + on Saturday (15Nov14). During the session, titled Make James Do, the 127 Hours actor performed a number of bizarre stunts based on requests, including rubbing peanut butter into his moustache, twerking and singing Adele's Rolling in the Deep to a puppy.

6th October 2014

Fact: Longtime pals James Franco and Seth Rogen are baring all for their next joint project. The 127 Hours star posted photos of himself and Rogen on Instagram in the nude in a forest, with the captions, "See if me and seth can make it, Naked and Afraid!!! Boom boom, Naked and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals." The censored pictures suggest the pair could be in an upcoming episode of U.S. reality series Naked and Afraid, which features strangers forced to survive in the wild without clothes, food or water.

21st September 2014

Fact: Actors Seth Rogen and James Franco surprised U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon as he celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday (19Sep14) by jumping out of a fake giant cake topless. Franco wore a police hat and bow tie and waved a pair of handcuffs. The pair made the unexpected appearance on The Tonight Show STARRING Jimmy Fallon to introduce the show's special guest, soul legend Stevie Wonder, who belted out his Happy Birthday hit.

4th September 2014

Fact: Actor James Franco has gone bald for a new movie role. He has shaved his head for his part in upcoming drama Zeroville.

19th August 2014

Fact: James Franco took his pants off to take part in the Als Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon on Monday (18Aug14). The movie star covered his privates with a card which featured the names of the friends he nominated to follow his example as he attempted to list them while shivering and giggling. Stars have helped swell the coffers of the Als Association by taking part in the challenge, posting the footage of themselves online and nominating others to follow them. Those nominated have 24 hours to dunk a bucket of ice cold water on their heads or donate to Als research. Rapper Dr. Dre, Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner and David Beckham also took the Ice Bucket Challenge on Monday.

29th July 2014

Fact: James Franco and Chris O'Dowd's Broadway revival of John Steinbeck's classic novel Of Mice And Men bowed out on a box office high as it closed on Sunday (27Jul14) after raking in just under $1.04 million (£611,765) for the week's eight performances. The big figure set a new record for the show's venue, the Longacre Theatre, as it was the first time one of its productions had crossed the $1 million (£588,235) mark. The play had already recouped its $3.8 million (£2.24 million) investment in its first 12 weeks on the Great White Way.

25th July 2014

Fact: A special performance of James Franco's Broadway play Of Mice And Men is to be screened live in cinemas around the world after the run comes to an end on Sunday (27Jul14).

10th June 2014

Fact: James Franco and Chris O'Dowd's Broadway play Of Mice And Men has recouped its $3.8 million (£2.38 million) costs in just 12 weeks. The stage revival, based on the John Steinbeck novel of the same name, is the latest success on the Great White Way - Bryan Cranston's All The Way also moved into profit recently after making back its $3.9 million (Gbp2.44 million) investment.

25th April 2014

Fact: Actor James Franco was a classmate of late Apple boss Steve Jobs' daughter at Palo Alto High School in California.

23rd April 2014

Quote: "I've been getting a lot of mail here - decorations, like drawings of Allen Ginsberg. And (chocolate bar) Milky Ways - in the movie This Is the End, my character, James Franco, supposedly loves Milky Ways, but I actually don't. I just met Lady Gaga on her birthday and I didn't have any present, so I gave her one of the Milky Ways. She brought me a king-size Butterfinger. So now I have that on top of my Steinbeck portrait in the dressing room." Actor James Franco on the gifts he receives from fans during his current run of Broadway's Of Mice and Men.

18th April 2014

Quote: "I like Franco's work on film a lot, and he didn't disgrace himself on stage. I hope he returns to Broadway some day. And of course he's entitled to say whatever he likes about me, as long as it's not libelous, and somehow I don't think 'little b**ch' qualifies." New York Times critic Ben Brantley responds to James Franco after the actor blasted him in an online post following a bad review of his latest Broadway effort Of Mice & Men.

17th April 2014

Quote: "Wait, I have a cameo? I didn't know that. You know, I don't even think they asked my permission to do that." Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes star James Franco confesses he had no clue that his character Will Rodman makes a posthumous cameo via video in the upcoming sequel, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

17th March 2014

Quote: "I took a few selfies at my Oscars and I got criticised for it and now she's getting a lot of attention for hers, so I don't get it. I guess maybe I didn't include Meryl Streep and Bradley Cooper in my Oscars selfie, so maybe that's where I went wrong." Actor James Franco doesn't understand why he was criticised for taking pictures of himself while hosting the Oscars in 2011, while Ellen Degeneres' snap, featuring Cooper, Streep and Angelina Jolie, among many others, temporarily shut down Twitter.com when millions of people re-tweeted it.

11th February 2014

Fact: James Franco is directing his little brother Dave in a new film about the worst movie ever made. The Room was so bad it became a cult hit in Los Angeles, where it still runs to packed cinemas, and now Franco has picked up the rights to co-star and produce Greg Sestero's behind-the-scenes book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room. Dave Franco is set to play Sestero in the new film.

27th November 2013

Quote: "The thing that is wrong about that is that people think I'm doing it just to get attention... If I go out and put myself in public or promote something in a big way, it's because I am doing things that are not The Avengers, that are not Thor. They need all the promotion they can get because I want them to do well." James Franco makes no apologies for always being in the public eye.

24th November 2013

Quote: "It's a tattoo, so you can't ever say it's bad; it's never going away... I've had a couple of people come up to me on the street and be like, 'Will you just write your name on my arm or draw a picture... and I'll get it tattooed'... I don't want to be responsible for that." Actor James Franco prefers fans not pay tribute to him with tattoos.

22nd November 2013

Quote: "I got best smile in high school." James Franco knows how to light up a room.

19th November 2013

Fact: James Franco has thrilled his lusty fans by posting a topless 'selfie' online. It's unclear if the 127 Hours star was completely naked but he captioned the candid shot: "All the kids are doing it".

30th September 2013

Fact: Bono, James Franco, Ben Stiller and Aziz Ansari were among the famous faces who made cameo appearances in Arcade Fire's U.S. Tv special, Here Comes The Night, this weekend (28-29Sep13). The 30-minute show featured footage of the Canadian rockers' recent performance in Salsatheque in Montreal and was directed by Roman Coppola.

3rd August 2013

Fact: Seth Rogen will serve as master of ceremonies when his This Is The End and Pineapple Express co-star James Franco is picked on at this summer's (13) Comedy Central Roast. Following in the footsteps of Roseanne Barr, Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump, among others, Franco will be the target of a string of comedians hired to poke fun at the actor in Los Angeles later this month (Aug13). The show will be taped to air as a special on U.S. Tv network Comedy Central on Labor Day (02Sep13).

1st July 2013

Fact: James Franco's debut novel Actors Anonymous will hit retailers in October (13).

6th June 2013

Quote: "When I was going through puberty I was the oldest kid, so I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. I thought it was somehow bad, like it would stunt my growth, so I really tried to stop. I was really late getting hair under my arms, and I thought it was 'cause (of that)... I thought it was because I jerked off too much. There was no Google or anything where I could look it up." Movie star James Franco opens up to Complex magazine about his his teenage masturbation issues.

1st May 2013

Fact: Actor James Franco was given a bizarre sex toy-themed birthday cake during a recent trip to Miami, Florida. The star, who turned 35 on 19 April (13), posted a picture of the saucy treat online with the caption "Miami bday (sic)".

26th March 2013

Quote: "We haven't talked in a while... (but) Anne and I made up... Let's just get that on the record. It was a really hard time after the Oscars. She wasn't mad at me, I don't think... she didn't say she was mad at me for what happened... (but) the critics were so nasty." James Franco on his relationship with former Oscars co-host Anne Hathaway.

12th March 2013

Tweet: "Saw Spring Breakers last night #Sxsw2013 Craaazy!" Horror mastermind Wes Craven is a fan of James Franco and Selena Gomez's new movie, about a group of college students caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, after attending the Sunday night (10Mar13) premiere at the South by Southwest music and film festival in Austin, Texas.

10th March 2013

Quote: "He's an old friend. And Sam (Raimi, director) became a great friend. For a movie this size, the most important thing was that I trusted the people." Actress Mila Kunis jumped at the chance to star in Oz The Great And Powerful after learning James Franco had signed up for the lead role.

7th March 2013

Fact: James Franco's filmmaker friend Travis Mathews has defied Australian censors by releasing his banned movie I Want Your Love online this week (beg04Mar13). Franco recorded a video message in defence of the movie after it was axed from a number of film festivals over its explicit content.

1st March 2013

Fact: 127 Hours star James Franco is to be honoured 2,492nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 7 March (13). His Oz The Great & Powerful director Sam Raimi and actor pal Seth Rogen will be among the guest speakers.

15th February 2013

Fact: Actor James Franco trained with Las Vegas illusionist Lance Burton as he prepared to play the man who became the Wizard of Oz in new prequel Oz The Great & Powerful.

14th February 2013

Fact: James Franco was shooting a movie with one of his University of California, Los Angeles film students in Big Bear, California on Tuesday (12Feb13), just "five minutes away" from where police were involved in a stand-off with fugitive Christopher Dorner. He says, "In the movie, I was driving a sheriff's car too, so it was really weird."

1st February 2013

Fact: Actor James Franco is set to produce a new documentary about Frida Giannini, the creative director of luxury brand Gucci. This will be the 127 Hours star's second venture with the label - in 2008 he became the face of the Italian fashion house's men's fragrance line.

17th November 2012

Fact: Lindsay Lohan was given a star turn in an R.E.M. video directed by actor James Franco. The rockers released their final album, Collapse Into Now, last year (11), six months before their split and they put together a video project to promote the release, with different filmmakers tackling the promos. Franco's effort features Lohan posing for a photoshoot with famed snapper Terry Richardson.

15th November 2012

Fact: Movie star James Franco has interviewed his Milk director Gus Van Sant for his month Playboy column. The chat will appear in the December 2012 issue of the men's magazine.

10th October 2012

Fact: Actor James Franco is set to teach a film production class at the University of Southern California in early 2013. The Spider-Man star previously taught a course on directing and adapting poetry into shorts films at his alma mater, New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

2nd October 2012

Fact: Actor James Franco has stepped behind the camera to direct supermodel Petra Nemcova in a series of short web-based films called Walking After Midnight.

16th August 2012

Fact: Actor James Franco has interviewed his Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine for his latest Playboy column, which will appear in the September (12) issue of the men's magazine.

25th October 2011

Fact: James Franco has bared his butt for the cover of U.S. arts magazine Flaunt. The cover is one of two which will hit newsstands in the coming days - the other features a posed shot of the 127 Hours star.

4th August 2011

Fact: Actor James Franco embarrassed TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his late-night chat show on Wednesday (03Aug11) when he noticed the comedian's flies were undone. The 127 Hours star was complimenting Kimmel on his slimmed-down and tanned new look when he noticed the wardrobe malfunction and prompted the red-faced host to make a quick adjustment, joking, "That was for you. That's my little come on."

19th July 2011

Quote: "Early in my career I auditioned for soaps and didn't get on them. Until going on General Hospital, I was like, 'Of course I'm not going to go on a soap, that lower form of entertainment.'" James Franco on landing a recurring role on U.S. daytime soap General Hospital.

14th June 2011

Quote: "It was such a relief to speak to someone who is trying to do the same thing I'm doing. I talked to him about juggling studying and making films and going backward and forward. He's not afraid or limited by what he fears people will say about it." Harry Potter star Emma Watson sought advice from Oscar nominee and avid learner James Franco, who has a slew of degrees to his name, after a chance meeting last year (10).

18th May 2011

Fact: 127 Hours star James Franco graduated from New York University's Tisch School of Arts on Tuesday (17May11). The Oscar-nominated actor, who donned the standard cap and gown for the ceremony, received his degree in filmmaking.

6th April 2011

Quote: "When I first went back to university, nobody understood. People would say, 'Well, do you want to be a movie star or a student?' And, actually, you know what? That’s a little advice that Barack Obama gave me. He said, 'Humour, basically.' And that’s how you get through these situations." James Franco remembers words of wisdom the U.S. president once gave him.

6th March 2011

Fact: An Oscars skit, in which co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway revamped Grease as an arthouse movie, was cut from the Academy Awards telecast - because it didn't work amid their quirky show-opening tribute to the nominated films, according to producer Bruce Cohen.

1st March 2011

Quote: "I don't know if you know but in addition to hosting the Oscars and being nominated himself, he's also, like, a student at two different universities... I think he's out (at class) now... As soon as the show was done he hopped on a plane... I just partied." Anne Hathaway on her studious Oscars co-host James Franco.

28th February 2011

Fact: Oscars co-host James Franco did his best impression of Marilyn Monroe by dressing up in drag, complete with a blonde wig, for one segment of the 2011 Academy Awards.

28th February 2011

Fact: Oscars co-host James Franco updated his online followers with behind-the-scenes photos and videos on his Twitter.com page during the ceremony on Sunday (27Feb11).

27th February 2011

Quote: "One of the reasons I was excited about Anne hosting is you know, I thought I had a shot. But there's a boyfriend around, so those dreams have been shot." James Franco was disappointed to learn his Oscars co-host Anne Hathaway was already taken.

26th February 2011

Quote: "I don't know what that is. I'm just trying it out." Oscars co-host James Franco on signing up to use Twitter.com

25th February 2011

Quote: "Nobody is shy about saying Colin Firth is going to win. I've accepted that." Oscars co-host James Franco doesn't expect to be a winner on Sunday night (27Feb11).

25th February 2011

Fact: The mums of eight Oscar nominees and James Franco's grandmother have been signed up to tweet about the Academy Awards on Sunday (27Feb11) during the telecast by show producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer.

25th February 2011

Fact: James Franco and Anne Hathaway will lampoon scenes from Evita and Grease during the Oscars telecast on Sunday (27Feb11).

23rd February 2011

Quote: "I don't wanna ruin anything but, from what I know about him, he's a horrible singer... But he might surprise me too." James Franco's brother DAVE insists the Oscars co-host has a terrible singing voice.

23rd February 2011

Fact: Julia Roberts' niece EMMA and James Franco's brother DAVE have teamed up to play lovers in THE CULTS' new video for Go Outside.

14th February 2011

Quote: "I remember seeing Pineapple Express and Milk and thinking, 'Wow, this guy's got real range, hasn't he?'" Director Danny Boyle on his decision to cast James Franco in 127 HOURS.

9th February 2011

Fact: Oscar nominee and co-host James Franco will poke fun at himself in a production he's working on at Yale University, where he is a student - James Franco Presents will be a spoof about his efforts to produce a play, according to the New York Daily News.

2nd February 2011

Fact: James Franco and Nicole Kidman have been confirmed as the stars of an upcoming Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, which will open in the autumn (11).

27th January 2011

Quote: "I really don't wanna sit in my seat and sweat and think about the awards, so it's the perfect excuse to keep busy." Oscar nominee and ceremony co-host James Franco is glad he won't be in the audience for the big show.

27th January 2011

Quote: "Go at it with the attitude that you're above it all, with an ironic detachment, bordering on contempt. They will eat it up." Former Oscars host Jon Stewart offers James Franco advice for his co-presenting gig at the 2011 Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.

26th January 2011

Quote: "They don't understand that... I wouldn't wanna push it. Nobody knew. I got the announcement, I went on the Today Show and then I walked down the street and went into class... Nobody said a thing." James Franco refused to miss out on a lecture about romantic poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley at Yale University after his Best Actor Oscar nomination on Tuesday (25Jan11). Franco is studying for a PhD in English.

25th January 2011

Fact: James Franco will be the first Oscar nominee to host the show in 24 years. The 127 Hours star is among the Best Actor hopefuls as he prepares to co-host the ceremony with Anne Hathaway next month (Feb11). He'll join Paul Hogan, Michael Caine and David Niven, who also served double duty at the Academy Awards.

25th January 2011

Quote: "All I'm allowed to say is I'm singing and dancing! One of the producers at the Oscars saw a YouTube clip of me singing... And the producer was like, 'Maybe James would be willing to have a couple of singing lessons.' But whatever, I think I sounded pretty good." Actor James Franco will test his musical skills when he hosts the Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway next month (Feb11).

21st January 2011

Fact: James Franco is hosting a tribute to beloved U.S. sitcom THREE'S COMPANY at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Friday (21Jan11).

29th December 2010

Fact: James Franco's little brother DAVE has snagged the lead role in horror remake Fright Night.

21st December 2010

Quote: "I’m happy to take the criticism. Even if it’s 'The Worst Oscars Ever,' I don’t care. It’s one night of the year. I’m front and center, but… I feel confident." James Franco on hosting next year's (27Feb11) Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.

11th December 2010

Quote: "I was expecting walkouts... I thought the studio would try to water it down... We've had no walkouts, but we have had a few carry-outs. People have found it too much." Director Danny Boyle on the reaction to James Franco's self-amputation scene in 127 HOURS.

10th December 2010

Quote: "Sometimes rabbits, like, turn me on. I don't know why." James Franco has a bizarre confession.

8th December 2010

Quote: "In the drive-through window... I would practise accents." A young James Franco perfected his various accents while working part-time at fast food restaurant MCDonald's to support his career as a budding actor.

8th December 2010

Quote: "I guess my life of crime started by stealing cologne. We'd keep them (cologne samples) in the locker, in our gym locker at school and we'd sell some from the lockers." Actor James Franco learned how to make a quick buck from an early age.

5th December 2010

Quote: "I've never met her before. (But) we're text message buddies now. We have good text chemistry." James Franco has befriended Anne Hathaway via text after the actors were announced as the co-hosts of the 2011 Academy Awards.

4th December 2010

Fact: James Franco stunned passersby outside Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre, where he was filming an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on Thursday (02Dec10) when he ran to the rooftop to celebrate his new gig as the co-host of the 2011 Oscars by shouting out the news to people down below. The actor decided to do the stunt after realising the talk show was filmed opposite the Kodak Theatre, where the Academy Awards will be held on 27 February (10).

4th December 2010

Quote: "I'm a nerd. I have to get to class. I have class tomorrow morning." Actor James Franco made a round trip from New York to Los Angeles in less than 24 hours on Thursday (02Dec10) to promote his new movie 127 Hours on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The star dashed back to the East Coast after filming the interview to attend class at Yale University in Connecticut, where he is studying for a PhD in English.

30th November 2010

Quote: "I found out that I'm one of three women to host since... I think it was 1987. Maybe I'm the fourth, I'm not sure. I'm still learning all the amazing statistics that I almost don't want to know because it gets a little bit too intimidating." Anne Hathaway is delighted to be hosting the upcoming 2011 Oscars ceremony with James Franco.

26th November 2010

Quote: "Eat Pray Love is not the story I've been dying to tell my whole life. But, I go into that film with the understanding that, OK, if I want to have this unusual experience like working with Julia Roberts, and it was only a week out of my life, OK, I'll help them tell this story." James Franco accepted a role in the 2010 drama so he could work with the Pretty Woman star.

26th November 2010

Quote: "In the States, the Yale English program is one of the top in the country so all the students that have been admitted there are superstars in their own right. They don't treat me differently." James Franco gets no special treatment at prestigious Yale University, where he is studying for a PhD.

17th November 2010

Fact: Hollywood actors James Franco and Jeff Bridges, comedian Stephen Colbert and rapper Drake have all been named as Men of the Year by GQ magazine. Each star graces their own cover of the publication's December (10) issue, while Scarlett Johansson features on a fifth to mark her Babe of the Year status.

4th November 2010

Quote: "The producers of SAW approached Aron Ralston about doing this movie so it could have been a very different movie." James Franco insists his arm amputation scene in new movie 127 HOURS could have been much more gruesome. The actor plays real-life adventurer Ralston, who had to cut off his arm with a penknife to free himself from a boulder after falling down a crevice on a hiking trip in Utah.

28th October 2010

Fact: Oscar-winning SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE composer A.R. RAHMAN and Dido have teamed up for the first time to record a new track for James Franco's film 127 HOURS. The odd couple have recorded If I Rise. The soundtrack also features songs by Bill Withers and Sigur Ros.

21st October 2010

Quote: "It's as riveting as the Chilean miners rescue. I saw myself in that situation and wondered, would I be able to do that? Would I survive? Since every single one of us will die, it's a journey we'll all have. Our experience depends on what's at stake." Director Danny Boyle compares his new movie 127 HOURS, which stars James Franco as a stranded climber, to the recent rescue of 33 Chilean miners, who were brought to the surface after two months underground.

5th October 2010

Fact: James Franco will be putting all of his film training into use when he writes, directs and stars in the movie adaptation of The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir of Moods, Masochism, and Murder. The story chronicles a murder trial from the viewpoint of a drugged-up author suffering from writer's block. Franco, who studied filmmaking at New York University, will also produce the film.

4th October 2010

Quote: "When I was in high school, once. That was 15 years ago... There goes my run for president." Actor James Franco confesses to experimenting with psychedelic drugs.

21st September 2010

Quote: "I wouldn't say I enjoy them, but I'm fascinated with them. I'm interested in the metaphor of the vampire placed in the high school setting... and the obsession people have with that is also fascinating to me." James Franco gives his take on Stephenie Meyer's blood-sucking literary and film franchise TWILIGHT.

10th September 2010

Quote: "In this history of cinema, there are so many heterosexual love stories. It's so hammered, so done. It's just not that interesting to me. It's more interesting to me to play roles and relationships that haven't been portrayed as often." Straight actor James Franco on why he chooses to play gay characters.

10th September 2010

Quote: "You want to know what my agents did try to talk me out of? General Hospital. They didn’t think me acting in a soap opera was the greatest idea." Actor James Franco's career advisors weren't so keen on his plans to appear on a U.S. daytime soap opera.

30th June 2010

Quote: "I wasn't familiar with the book. My character appears in the first 20 pages, so I read those 20 pages!" Actor James Franco confesses he only read part of the book his new film EAT PRAY LOVE is based on.

10th June 2010

Fact: James Franco has recruited his mum to make a cameo appearance alongside him when he returns to U.S. soap opera General Hospital this summer (10). BETSY FRANCO will play the mother of his villainous character.

8th November 2009

Quote: "I never watched a soap before!" James Franco has been introduced to a whole new world of cheesy daytime TV after signing up for a stint on General Hospital.

21st October 2009

Quote: "People think I'm stoned anyway. It (smoking) just stopped being fun. Last time I smoked pot, I was not a fun person to be around." PINEAPPLE EXPRESS star James Franco on quitting marijuana.

24th June 2009

Fact: Hollywood actor James Franco will team up with U.S. magazine Lapham's Quarterly to launch the publication's summer (09) Travel issue on Wednesday night (24Jun09). The Spider-Man star will join poet FRANK BIDART to read a series of passages from famous authors at an event in New York to mark the occasion.

2nd April 2009

Fact: Actor James Franco is set to reunite with his PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director David Gordon Green for forthcoming medieval comedy YOUR HIGHNESS.

12th December 2008

Quote: "Up until now I've been nominated for a few things, and they were all for MILK. Yeah, I was surprised - just that Milk didn't get more nominations." James Franco is pleased with his Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his performance in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

4th December 2008

Quote: "I did a lot of serious movies and now I'm getting the most response from the one where I roll a cross joint." James Franco on his role in hit comedy PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

15th August 2008

Quote: "It's a problem being in a movie with an incredibly handsome guy because you're not going to look so hot." Comedian Seth Rogen jokes about starring alongside James Franco in new movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

5th August 2008

Quote: "Who would have thought I'd play a SPICOLI-like character and then make out with Spicoli in the same year?" Actor James Franco on playing a stoner similar to Sean Penn's Spicoli character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and romancing Penn in the HARVEY MILK biopic MILK.

5th August 2008

Quote: "I used to smoke weed, but I haven't in a long time... Somehow there's something about me, the way I talk, that implies that I'm on drugs." Spider-Man star James Franco insists his new stoner character in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is not drug-enhanced.

17th December 2007

Fact: James Franco and Mila Kunis have filmed an online skit poking fun at the ongoing writers' strike and a world full of reality TV shows. The couple have shot a short for FunnyOrDie.com in which they recreate a scene from hit show THE HILLS to show what television would be like if there were no writers.

15th January 2007

Fact: Spider-Man villain James Franco used the time between the second and third movies to return to college in Los Angeles and complete a creative writing degree.

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie stars Terrence Howard, James Franco, Tyrese Gibson and Chris Evans have topped a new list of hunky guys. The quartet join US TV stars Josh Holloway, Josh Duhamel and Bradley Cooper on glossy magazine In Style's new 7 Red Hot Guys. </p>

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