The Muppets star found a home in the California countryside while preparing to play reclusive writer David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour, and stayed there.

And Segel admits there's very little about the hustle and bustle in Tinseltown that he misses.

He explains, "I moved to a farming town; I live on an orange grove now... It's like 26 acres of oranges.

"I actually went there to read Infinite Jest... the David Foster Wallace book... I thought I should go someplace where I would sort of be isolated, because I'm not that great a reader, and I realised honestly I just felt better not being surrounded by billboards.

"You wake up... and then, like, I take a hike and then I go to dinner... I have a wonderful girlfriend, named Alexis, and we went on a hike and we went, 'Oh that's great, what a great day, let's go and get some dinner', and so we went to the restaurant and they told us they weren't serving dinner yet. It was 4.45pm.

"I'm much happier. We eat dinner early, we go home and watch TV and go to sleep."

But Segel admits that even though he's surrounded by oranges, he's too lazy to make his own orange juice in the mornings.

He adds, "I have a shameful secret... I still wake up in the morning and go buy orange juice. I can't be bothered to do it. I wake up and I'm so thirsty."