R&B star Jay Sean has his sights set on a comedy movie role.
The British singer, who is signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment label, admits he's been thumbing through a variety of scripts, but he's holding out for the perfect role to launch himself in the movie industry.
He tells WENN, "I've always been interested in acting because I acted before I did singing. In school, I used to write scripts and all that good stuff. So for me, it's a big, big passion of mine. I want to take it real serious.
"I don't want to just do any acting role that comes just for the sake of getting in a film... I always want people to realise that whatever I do is a quality product. And that's what's really important to me.
"I read one (script) today as it happens. It's a drama, this one. I've read a number of comedies, that's actually what I'm really interested in, is comedies because I think that shows a whole different side of pop stars. We're so used to looking cool and having to be perfect all the time and this that and the other, to show your imperfections and to be silly, to be able to have a laugh and to have people have a laugh at you. I love that, personally speaking."