JoJo has removed Tory Lanez from her album after Megan Thee Stallion accused him of shooting her.

The 29-year-old singer collaborated with Tory on a song for her album, 'Good to Know', which was released back in May.

And after rapper Megan publicly accused Tory of shooting her in the foot in an incident that occurred last month, JoJo has confirmed Tory won't be featuring in the upcoming deluxe edition of her album.

When one fan asked her to remove him from the deluxe version - which will drop later this month - JoJo wrote on Twitter: ''Def took him TF off (sic)''

Megan accused Tory of shooting her this week, after having previously remained silent on who her alleged shooter was despite Tory being charged with carrying a concealed weapon at the time.

During an Instagram Live on Thursday (20.08.20), Megan alleged that Tory's publicist has been spreading false information about the incident, which had prompted her to come forward with her version of events.

She said: ''Since y'all hoes so worried 'bout it, yes, this ***** Tory shot me.''

She continued: ''You shot me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and s***. Stop lying. Why lie? I don't understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you dragging it. You really f****** dragging it.''

Megan went on to explain that she was in a car with Tory and several other people when an argument broke out and claimed he shot at her after she decided to get out and started walking away.

She said: ''Everybody in the car arguing. I'm in the front seat, this ***** in the back seat.

''I get out the car, I'm done arguing. I don't wanna argue no more. I get out, I'm walking away. This *****, from outside the back seat of the car, start shooting me. You shot me!''

Megan's Instagram Live came shortly after the Los Angeles Times reported that the Los Angeles District Attorney's office is considering filing charges against Tory for allegedly shooting Megan.