JoJo had sex ''on [her] mind'' while making her comeback album.

The 29-year-old singer previously revealed she was celibate for 10 months whilst recording 'Good To Know' but that didn't stop the idea of love and intimacy from having a heavy influence on what she was writing about.

She told Maxim US: ''I wasn't having sex. But it was very much on my mind. I was just really interested in sensuality and sexuality around this project. I just realised I had been a serial dater since I was 14 and that I haven't really spent time on my own. And I just wanted to see how it was. I always had somebody I could call and have a little make out, a little intimacy.

''So I was single and I had made some decisions in my previous relationship that I ended up writing about on the album and feeling guilt and shame.''

The album's lead single, 'Man', features a voice message from Jojo's mom and she admitted the note came from her ''venting'' to her mother about her personal life. She said: ''We had just had a conversation and I was beating myself up and venting to her about how guilty I felt about what had gone down in my previous relationship.''

The 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker was just 13 when she released her self-titled debut album and she admitted she felt frustrated at being a ''little kid'' and unable to do the same things her pop peers were.

She said: ''I felt really silly because I couldn't go to any of the after parties. I just couldn't do anything that I saw my peers doing, my peers that were on the Billboard charts and touring at the same time.

''I was like, 'This sucks! I feel like such a little kid.' And I was a little kid and I didn't want to be.''