JoJo is set to play a virtual gig via the MelodyVR app.

The 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker will treat fans to a special performance of songs from her latest album, 'good to know', as well as her biggest hits, this weekend.

The app uses 360-degree technology and viewers will be transported to a studio space and even be able to stand right next to the singer.

She said: ''I never imagined this is how I'd be performing these songs live for the first time, but I'm so grateful and excited to bring a part of the 'good to know'

tour to your home!

''Performing live is one of my greatest joys.

''I hope you can feel all of our energy, virtually, like you're right there with me at my concert.''

JoJo will follow in the footsteps of John Legend and hip-hop legends Cypress Hill in performing via the MelodyVR app.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old singer recently admitted performing for online audiences from the comfort of her living room has been a ''unique'' experience.

She said: ''Interesting feels like the right word to describe it, for sure. But it's been really unique, I mean I haven't put on proper shoes to leave the house in three months. It's been interesting to perform the material, actually. That's been the weirdest thing, I would say.

''To perform from my living room and not be able to have that audience interaction, because I was meant to be on tour right now. So that's been interesting, but as far as talking to people ... It's just been adjusting to the new normal. It's neither bad or good, it's just different.''

JoJo - whose album marked her first in four years - released the record's lead single, 'Man', in mid-March just before the city of Los Angeles where she lives announced its lockdown measures.

And whilst the singer was initially upset that she couldn't tour her album, she has been remembering to put things into ''perspective'', as many people are struggling with the health crisis.

JoJo explained: ''You just gotta laugh! My single, the first single from the album, 'Man', came out like a week before LA locked down. And I was like 'Oh, no way! This is crazy!' ... But I just really try to keep it in perspective, and realise that this is a really terrible time for a lot of people.

''I'm mad lucky, I have everything I need, and thankfully we were able to make an amazing impact. People are loving the album, it's the number one R&B album on Billboard, I'm really very thankful. I try to keep that in the front of my mind, because I don't wanna take this too personally. It's not like the universe is conspiring against me, this is F'd up! This is a crazy experience for everybody.''

Fans can tune for free at 5pm on June 27 PT/8pm ET/1am + 1 day BST on the MelodyVR app or watch on-demand directly following the live-stream.