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19th April 2013

Tweet: "You know how much I love this place. I have the outline of the state of Massachusetts tattooed on my ribcage. My heart is breaking." Singer JoJo is struggling to watch the news about the city of Boston, Massachusetts on lockdown as police continue the manhunt for one of the suspects involved in Monday's (15Apr13) Boston Marathon bombings.

23rd July 2012

Tweet: "Happy birthday beauty Selena Gomez!!! Cheers to this one being your best year yet." Singer JoJo sends her best wishes to pal Selena Gomez, who turned 20 on Sunday (22Jul12).

19th December 2007

Quote: "There's not a single album cover, there's not a single piece of media that isn't, in some way, retouched. I have this birthmark, it looks like a blemish... and they always airbrush that." Teen pop star/actress JoJo insists the camera often lies in glossy magazines.

14th May 2007

Quote: "I think I should be inventing things. I want to go to university to continue my education - because there's more to me that just singing. I want to show that I'm multi-faceted." R+B star JoJo insists her high IQ has equipped her for life outside the pop world.

28th December 2006

Quote: "I don't like when people try to re-create my look. I don't like people touching me." Teen singer JoJo prefers to do her own hair and makeup.


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