You know the supermarket rule – don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry? Well the same applies to watching the trailer for Jon Favreau’s Chef. The beautifully shot, beautifully prepared food will have you attempting a rare venison sandwich with horseradish foam and wild rocket puree, and we all know that can’t happen.

Chef movieIt's all about the food in 'Chef'

The story for ‘Chef’ sees Carl Casper (Favreau) given an ultimatum: cook Dustin Hoffman’s menu or don’t cook in his restaurant. Of course, the film would be pretty boring if he went ahead gave in to his mean boss, so instead he decides to fall off the wagon somewhat, become the laughing stock of an already snobbish culinary zeitgeist, and win back his respect and friends through an intrepid street food venture. 

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It’s fair to say this was a passion project for Favreau, who gave up working on some of the highest grossing movies of all time to focus on art he wanted to make, which – as even the not-so-perceptive of you out there will notice – is a perfect mirror for the plot of Chef, which also stars Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara and Robert Downey Jr. Pretty impressive back book there, Favreau.

Watch the full trailer for 'Chef here

Talking about the film that will make you hungry unless you pounce on a Five Guys burger right before you go, Favreau said: "I'm most proud of the fact that it shows there's a recipe for success if you dial into the sh*t that is going to make your life better. It's counterintuitive, but if you take time away from your career and invest it in your personal life, your career flourishes. That's a lesson I've learned a decade ago. That was the real underlying message of the movie." (via The Huffington Post

Since premiering at SXSW, Chef has found love from the critics. It currently holds a ridiculously impressive 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes something we expect to drop. But take nothing away from Favreau; the early signs are indicative of an original, enjoyable movie. As long as you eat something before you see it. There, we said it again.

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson eating what we presume is not pesto-pasta

Here are some of the critics’ thoughts:

“CHEF is a lot of things - it's fitting that a road trip movie should be so all over the map - but what it is most of all is a celebration of tasty food and the people who make it, and I guess I can get behind that,” wrote Meredith Borders of Badass Digest.

“Chef's delicious nature has left me starving for more - more of Favreau's beautiful, heartfelt storytelling and free creative reign. A true, gourmet treat,” said Matt Donato of We Got This Covered. 

“Never relies solely on its tasty-looking food to win over the audience ... and yet, it's probably the best 'foodie' movie since Ratatouille,” wrote 

And check out some more pictures from Chef:

ChefThe gang chow down

Dustin Hoffman in Chef
Problems arise when this guy give Carl a dud, lifeless menu to cook

Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau's Casper has some hard decisions to make

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. has just the van

Chef poster