Judy Greer "didn't expect" Wes Craven to be so kind.

The 46-year-old actress was cast in his comedy horror movie 'Cursed' back in 2005 and admitted that because all she knew of the late 'Scream' director was his reputation in gore movies, she was surprised by his kindness, which saw him handing out the New York Times crossword puzzles to everyone on set to keep them occupied.

She said: "He printed out every single morning the New York Times crossword puzzle for everybody on set. There was a stack of them, and so every morning as everyone showed up for work, I can’t remember if it was his assistant or a script supervisor at the time, passed out the New York Times crossword puzzle. And so, we were all all day long working on the crossword puzzle. That was the thing we did all day as a family."

The 'Halloween Kills' actress took on the role of Joanie in the werewolf-themed horror alongside Christina Ricci and Joshua Jackson and went on to admit that she was so "excited" about working with Wes - who died of a brain tumour aged 76 back in 2015 - and he ended up making the set into a "family-like environment."

She told Collider: "Like you, being such a huge fan of Wes Craven and being so excited to work with him and really not having any sense of what to expect from this man, he was so kind and lovely and thoughtful. I guess I just didn’t expect that from someone who all I had heard about was how he would scream, ‘More blood, more blood, more blood,’ and how sweet he was. [The] set was really fun. It was like a really family-like environment."