Kaia Gerber “got into skincare” during lockdown.

The 19-year-old model has revealed she took the time to take care of her skin whilst she was stuck at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and now has a full routine that she follows every day.

When asked what her beauty routine has been during the pandemic, she said: “I always keep things simple anyways, but I definitely got into skincare, which I wasn't that into before. I was always traveling and didn't want to carry a bunch of products around with me, but now I have a routine and it's been really nice.

“I also work with YSL Beaute and they have really great everyday products. Their Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick is a really pretty lip colour I wear for Zooms and stuff like that, and I wear their Touché Éclat every day because it just really gives you a nice glow. Those two products have become a really bit part of my routine because it can be hard to feel pretty when you're in sweatpants.”

Kaia also used lockdown to experiment with her hair, as she advised people to never do what she did and try to bleach their hair at home.

She added: “About two months into quarantine, I had the brilliant idea to self-bleach my hair with hydrogen peroxide, which no one should ever do — ever. So I did that, sat out in the sun and had some really nice orange highlights.”

Eventually, Kaia decided to follow through with her plan and bleach the rest of her hair so that she could then dye it pink, which has “always been a dream” of hers.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she said: “I decided to take it farther and eventually just bleached it, and then I dyed it pink, which I loved. Pink hair has always been a dream of mine and I've always wanted to mess with my hair, and I thought I might as well do it now and get it out of my system. That all happened in a span of five months, and now, we're back to my natural colour and I appreciate it so much more.”