Kaia Gerber developed a skincare routine after getting "lonely in hotel rooms".

The 19-year-old model has revealed spending hours biding her time at hotels "prompted" her to start looking after her skin "better".

She told Vogue's Beauty Secrets: “I found I would get really lonely in hotel rooms.

“That’s why I developed a skincare routine, because it was something familiar that I would do every night when I got home … That’s what prompted me to start taking better care of my skin."

Amid the global pandemic, the catwalk beauty has been able to "evolve" her routine as she spent a year off work.

She added: “I’m really appreciative of the year that I’ve had off because I’ve been able to evolve with my skincare routine and figure out a more updated version."

Kaia swears by using a roller to sculpt her face and revealed that her father, business Rande Gerber, started stealing them.

She explained: “I think everyone should roll their face.

“I had so many different rollers and they all started going missing, and I found out that it was my dad who was stealing them!"

Kaia - whose mother is supermodel Cindy Crawford - spends 20 minutes day and night applying her lotions and potions and said it's a meditative experience.

She added: “I feel like skincare is one form of meditation for me, like I know I have that 20 minutes in the morning and night that I’m just doing something for myself.”

Kaia also revealed she opts for minimal make-up to give her skin a breather when she's not working.

She said: “Now, because my job involves experimenting with make-up, I tend to tone it down."