Kasabian's 2004 classic ‘Club Foot’ is EA's president of music Steve Schnur's favourite 'FIFA' song of all time.

The anthem from the English rock band's 2004 self-titled debut album appeared on the soundtrack for 'FIFA 13', and it's the gaming music boss' personal favourite.

Schnur told NME: “The guys in that band are some of the most football-obsessed people I know on planet Earth.

“Just knowing how much FIFA meant to them personally… to them, it’s been: ‘How many times can we get [our music] into 'FIFA'?’ It’s a measure of success to them, I just love it.”

However, he hailed Britpop legends Blur‘s ‘Song 2' “the quintessential football song.”

On the football simulation game's influence on music, he added: “[FIFA] has become the ownership of what football means to them, musically-speaking. We used to say that we’re following culture. [Now] we’re creating culture and, dare I say, we are culture.”

'FIFA 23' is to feature more than 100 songs.

After its release on September 30, EA will end its partnership with FIFA after more than two decades.

Schnur said: “The day ['FIFA 23'] comes out, I start working on 'EA FC'.

“There’s no break – actually, the break is now, because we’re locked and loaded. [But] then, all of a sudden, we’ll go, ‘OK! How are we gonna do something [that’s] never been done before with EA FC?’”

The gaming giant announced in May that its current licensing deal with FIFA for the official football game series will be no more.

Electronic Arts are swapping the title of 'FIFA' to 'EA Sports FC', having hinted at the change last year.

All the current game modes, football leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes will be staying put for EA Sports FC.

Partnerships with the Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, the MLS will also stay the same, with more on the way.

Fans will get more information about EA Sports FC in June 2023.

EA said: "We exist to create the future of football fandom – whether virtual or real, digital or physical, it’s all football.”

The Premier League’s chief executive Richard Masters added: “EA Sports is a long-term and valued partner of the Premier League, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the new era of EA Sports FC.”

FIFA has also announced that it will continue releasing football simulation games.

A statement read: “FIFA is currently engaging with leading game publishers, media companies and investors in regard to the development of a major new FIFA simulation football game title for 2024."