Kasabian have some "heavy hitters" on their upcoming album that will "knock" some of their old "big heavyweights" out of their live set.

The rock group - comprising Serge Pizzorno, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews, and Tim Carter - will release 'Happenings' next summer and they are confident that fans are going to love hearing their new anthems live just as much as their classics.

Speaking to NME, frontman Serge said: "We were talking about the seven or eight songs that could easily get in a set, which is frightening because we’ve got to figure that out. The setlist will be the ‘best-of’, and the new things that get in will have to be at a certain level to get anywhere near.”

Chris added: “These songs on this album are much more… you get them quick. It’s not like you’re going to need to live with them for four or five months before you go, ‘This is my favourite tune’. You listen to them and you go, ‘This is great’. The fans will be ready for these. It will be the heavy hitters that are going to knock some [old] big heavyweights out of the set.”

Kasabian - known for fan-favourites 'Empire', 'Fire', 'Processed Beats' and 'Club Foot' - play their huge ‘Summer Solstice II’ homecoming show at Victoria Park in Leicester on Saturday, July 6, 2024.

The new record will follow Kasabian's acclaimed 2022 album, 'The Alchemist’s Euphoria', which was their first since ex-singer Tom Meighan's departure.

The former frontman was let go from the group and sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work in July 2020, after pleading guilty to assaulting his now-spouse, Vikki Ager, during an incident in April of that year.

And Serge previously admitted that becoming the lead singer has been "more fun" in terms of being able to visualise the live show.

He said in a previous chat with the outlet: "I’ve always done it my way. If anything, it’s more fun in terms of being able to visualise the live show.

"When you see someone sing words that have come from them, there’s something magical about that.

"You can really feel the sentiment in what someone is trying to say through a charged performance. That’s when sparks fly.

"This album was just us saying, ‘Let’s see what we can do, let’s see where we can take this’.

"Every album we’ve made has been way different to the one previously and you’ve never really known where we’re going to go next."