Kasabian have returned with the euphoric dance anthem 'Call'.

Fans got the first taste of the band's follow-up to 2022's 'The Alchemist's Euphoria' with the slow-burner 'Algorithms' - which is about the difference between AI and real humans - last year.

'Call' also has an epic music video, helmed by the duo Waxxwork, which sees a phone fall out of a plane and had to be filmed in Albania to be legal.

The two tracks appear on their upcoming LP, 'Happenings', which is due out this year.

Frontman Serge Pizzorno said of the new track: "This was the launchpad.

"Quieter on the verses, loud for the chorus - it’s dance music! The first bit is where you get ready, the second bit is where we all go crazy. It’s really fun and just feels like now. When I finished the track, I felt I wanted to go to a gig by whoever was behind it."

The 'Club Foot' rockers - also comprising Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Tim Carter - can't wait to perform songs from the new album when they put on a huge open-air concert in the group’s birthplace of Leicester’s Victoria Park on July 6, and want fans to feel a real human "connection".

Serge said: "Thinking about where we are with phone screens, us being able to create something that people can be a part of in the real world has got to be a positive.

"I’ve seen it in people’s faces at the shows, that need to experience something that just snaps you out of yourself, to feel a connection. Well, that’s Happenings.

"It’s 20 years this year since we released our debut album, but we felt the best way this band, at this time, should celebrate that was by making a new album. And we’re extremely grateful for it."