Katee Sackhoff filmed ''really freaky'' horror scenes for 'Oculus'.

The actress stars as mother-of-two Marie Russell whose child Kaylie believes a supernatural force released through an antique mirror in their childhood home is responsible for her death.

The more intense scenes she played opposite Annalise Basso were often unsettling because she was forced to punch and claw at her screen daughter.

She said: ''There were scenes were I was just strangling the s**t out of that child, and tripping her and making her fall, and climbing on top of her and punching and clawing. That's just not normal. Most people don't go to work and beat up a 13-year-old. It's a really freaky thing.''

However, Sackhoff felt better when the prosthetics were on since it gave her the chance to get into character and feel less like herself.

She explained: ''It helped when the prosthetics were on because I really didn't feel like myself. But that first slip that we see, after the mirror first takes her, that was the hardest part because Marie still looks normal, at that point, even though she's going crazy. It was easier at the end, when she looks bad.''

Meanwhile, Sackhoff also admitted she would like to star in the sequel to 2013's 'Riddick' and reprise her role as Dahl who she played in the the third installment in 'The Chronicles of 'Riddick' film series.

She told collider.com: ''It would be fun [to do another 'Riddick' film]. I like the character. I know that they've talked about doing a fourth movie. I didn't die, so I could be in it. But, I don't know when that would happen. It would have to be written first, and I don't think it is. She's a cool character, and I think we left her with some interesting questions about where she is and what's going to happen next.''