Katie Price wants to have a boxing match.

The 45-year-old TV star has confirmed that she's currently eyeing a fight against a 'Jersey Shore' star, and she's even put herself through all of the pre-fight tests in preparation.

During an appearance on 'Anything Goes with James English', Katie shared: "I'm hoping to do this Misfits boxing fight.

"I've just had all my brain scan, blood tests, and all my things done, so...

"I think they want me to fight an American girl from 'Jersey Shore'."

Despite this, Katie subsequently admitted that she can't remember the name of her potential opponent.

The outspoken star - who will turn 46 in May - said: "I've already got my saying if I lose, my saying would be 'Well, I should hope you win, 46 with five kids - how old are you in your twenties? I should hope you have won'.

"That's if I lose."

Meanwhile, Katie recently warned young girls against plastic surgery and lip fillers.

The TV star has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures over the years - but Katie urged young girls not to follow her example.

She said on the 'How To Fail' podcast: "There's nothing worse than when these young girls now, and I will say it, in their early twenties, who are all getting fillers, all getting lips, all getting the boobs.

"I'm not a hypocrite, but I didn't start doing my face until I was in my forties. Yes, I had a boob job, but I didn't even have fillers."

Katie believes that people often underestimate the pain that comes with cosmetic producers.

She said: "You only see before and after, you don't see in between. So I would like to educate people about it. It's damaging to your body."