Former Boyzone singer Keith Duffy was reportedly verbally and physically attacked by a gang of six men in a Dublin nightclub over the weekend.

The incident is said to have occurred at popular nightspot Lillie’e Bordello in the early hours of Sunday (March 5th), after Duffy and his wife Lisa had attended their son Jay’s new film premiere for Handsome Devil at the Audi Film Festival.

While they were in a roped-off celebrity area in the club, half a dozen men started heckling his wife, later becoming verbally aggressive, according to the report by the Irish Mail On Sunday. When Duffy stepped in, the men became physically violent towards him.

Keith DuffyKeith Duffy with his wife Lisa (l) in 2012

“Six guys surrounded him in the club after Lisa came looking for him [after going to find security],” a source said. “She was upset by the behaviour of these guys. He got a few digs – there were a few of them. There was six on one.”

The club’s security staff then intervened before the garda (Ireland’s state police force) were called. When they arrived, however, Duffy and his wife had left, not staying to make statements.

Duffy, 42, was left shaken by the incident but was not badly injured. A spokesperson for him told the same paper on Monday (March 6th) that he had turned up to work and that he wasn’t going to press charges. “There was an incident, but it has been blown out of proportion,” the rep said. “Keith was back at work the next day. He’s fine. It was just a minor thing. He’s okay.”

The ex-Boyzone singer has been married to Lisa, 46, since 1998, and they have two children together. He served as a member of the group from 1993 to 2000, later taking part in the brief reunion tour of 2008.

Subsequently, he recently joined up with former Westlife singer Brian McFadden to form Boyzlife, a duo that performed songs by both groups. McFadden had originally quit Westlife in 2004, with the four remaining members continuing until 2012.

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