Irish singer Keith Duffy sought counselling earlier this year (11) after "drinking and partying quite a lot" as he attempted to cope with the death of his Boyzone bandmate Stephen Gately.
The group was left devastated in 2009 when the 33-year-old singer was found dead at the home he shared with his partner Andrew Cowles in Majorca, Spain.
They hit the road for the first-time as a four-piece in February (11), and Duffy admits the emotional shows were "tough".
Duffy and his bandmates partied hard when the tour wrapped, but the singer's loved ones were concerned about the star and urged him to seek help.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "After the tour finished in March the grief took its toll on me. I lost my way a little bit. By the end of the tour we were drinking and partying quite a lot, which wasn't helping the professionalism of the band. We put that down to not dealing with the loss of Stephen. When I got back home I wasn't my usual happy self - I didn't know what was going on.
"So at the request of the people who care about me and love me, I agreed to go for a chat with someone. I went to see a bereavement counsellor. It was something I never saw myself doing. I thought my own brain power could overcome any emotions or insecurities and that I'd had enough life experiences to sort my own head out."
However, Duffy is pleased he shared his problems with a professional: "I found it fantastic. I went three or four times and it helped me immensely. It changed my whole vision of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go."