Kerry Katona is going on a spiritual retreat.

The 42-year-old star revealed that she has recently started working with a shaman - a person regarded as having access to a world of good and evil spirits - and has been feeling so "mentally overwhelmed" recenttly that she is planning a trip to one of his retreats so she can "heal" herself.

Writing in her new! magazine column, she said: "I've recently started working with a shaman and it's been amazing. I'm really into spiritual and holistic stuff, so I'm going to go away to one of his retreats abroad later this year, too.

"I've been feeling really overwhelmed recently. I'm really struggling mentally at the moment and I feel like I need

to heal.

"I met my shaman when I was starring on 'The Big Celebrity Detox', so I'm excited to keep working with him. I want to travel and try different alternative medicines. I've tried so many different things and I want to see what formulas from the earth can do."

In recent weeks, the former Atomic Kitten singer revealed that she had been struck by crippling back and hip pain due to scoliosis - a condition which causes curvature of the spine - so she had resorted to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. to help ease her agony and though it's early days, she's hopeful the sessions will make a difference soon.

She said: "I did it with specialist Dr Andre, and it was quite cosy actually – I felt like I was being reborn!

"It’s supposed to relieve pressure and help with my scoliosis, but it takes quite a few sessions to work so I haven’t seen any improvement yet.

"I’m really struggling with my back at the moment, so I’m going to a chiropractor, but he can only help in small sections at a time. I’m going to keep going with it though, in the hope that I get results soon."

As a result of her medical issues, Kerry had to postpone her 'No Regrets' tour and while she was "emotional" over the thought of letting down her fans, she insisted that her health has to come first.

She wrote: "I had to make the decision to postpone my tour last week, which was so difficult. I hate saying no to work and letting people down. I was really battling with myself and getting emotional about it, because I was so excited to see you all there.

"But ultimately, the doctor told me I needed complete rest and I had to put my health first. I need to make sure my body is back to its best so I’m in top form, physically and mentally, when I do go on stage.

"As hard as the decision was, it was also a weight lifted off of my shoulders, knowing I can rest and get better. But don’t worry, I would never fully cancel the show, and I’ll see you all when the time is right!"