Country legend-turned-movie star Kris Kristofferson grew so tired of Johnny Cash failing to record songs he sent him, he personally delivered one to his Nashville, Tennessee hoMe - by landing a helicopter on his lawn.

Kristofferson first met Cash when he was a janitor at Columbia Records, where the late singer/songwriter recorded many of his hits - and his mentor encouraged the wannabe to send him his tunes.

The ME + BOBBY McGEE hitmaker did this for many years, but Cash never recorded anything.

Kristofferson recalls, "I probably knew him for three years before I landed the helicopter on his lawn.

"I'd given him any song I ever wrote and he always was encouraging but he never recorded any of them.

"For a brief time I was in the National Guard, flying helicopters, and I took one of the helicopters to deliver a tape to his house. I was lucky he didn't shoot me out of the sky."