Lake Bell has become more ''empathetic'' towards stay-at-home mothers since having a baby.

The 'In a World' actress, who has 10-month-old daughter Nova with husband Scott Campbell, admits she used to judge women for choosing to give up work in order to dedicate their days to taking care of their children.

The 36-year-old star said: ''I admit I had judgment toward that way of life, but that judgment has completely left me. I am 1,000 percent empathetic toward women who want to do that.''

But while Lake is devoted to her daughter, she told the September issue of More magazine being being a full-time parent ''is just not for me.''

The 'No Escape' star has been happily married to tattoo artist Scott, who is Justin Theroux's best friend, for two years and previously admitted she would never join Tinder if she was single because the idea gives her anxiety.

Asked if she would use the dating app if she wasn't in a relationship, she said: ''No, in a word, no. I see my friends on Tinder and it gives me high anxiety. I'm already on too many things. If there was another app I had to nurture I think I would implode.''