Lake Bell will never join Tinder.

The 36-year-old actress - who has been married for two years to New York tattoo artist Scott Campbell, with whom she has seven-month-old daughter Nova - feels anxious for friends who use the dating app and she's relieved she's not relying on the software to find love.

When asked by ShortList magazine if she was single would she ever download the software, she said: ''No, in a word, no. I see my friends on Tinder and it gives me high anxiety. I'm already on too many things. If there was another app I had to nurture I think I would implode.''

In her new movie 'Man Up', Lake plays woman Nancy who pretends

to be Simon Pegg's character Jack's blind date.

Revealing her own most awkward dating moment, Lake said: ''I feel like it's X-rated, It's so appalling. I remember dating this guy, I was 24 and, like, 'Oh he's a groovy jazz musician.' He excused himself to use the bathroom and an hour later I heard the shower turn on - he had vomited everywhere and was naked on the floor.

''I later found out he was an alcoholic, but when you're young it's sort of funny and adorable. Any date that ends in, 'Do we need to call an ambulance?' is not good.''

The 'Million Dollar Arm' star also explained that being upfront with your feelings when you first start dating someone is much better than acting aloof.

Lake said: ''It's far more badass to go forth with gusto than to act cool. If you're going to jump in the pool, just f***ing jump in the pool. It might be cold, but you're not gonna die.

''If you're going to be out there then take a chance and feel love, fall in love, be bold.''