Laura Whitmore doesn't think she'll ever get over Caroline Flack's death.

The 35-year-old presenter admitted she hasn't ''fully coped'' with her friend's suicide in February and can't remember a lot about the time since her pal passed away.

She said: ''I'm still working through the grief of Caroline Flack's passing. The past six months are a blur.

''I haven't fully coped with it. I don't think I ever will.''

Laura took over as host of the winter series of 'Love Island' after Caroline stepped back after being investigated by police for an alleged assault on her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, and she'll always be thankful for her supportive her friend was in the circumstances.

She said: ''Caroline was very good to me. Before I even got offered Love Island, she messaged me saying, 'I really hope you get the job.'

''I love doing it, but the circumstances of being offered it were the worst you could possibly imagine.''

While Laura enjoys working on 'Love Island', she admitted spending time at the villa can get pretty smelly.

She told the Times magazine: ''The 'Love Island' villa smells. That's the one thing the audience at home never see.

''When you walk into a house with that many men and there are only two or three toilets - the smell of fake tan, the flatulence, the perfumes and aftershaves all together is like this eclectic medley.''

And the Irish star - who is in a relationship with Iain Stirling - confessed to feeling ''jealous'' of the contestants because they are so confident.

She said: ''I'm jealous of the 'Love Island' girls. I wish I was that confident. I'm inspired by their body positivity, to walk around the villa and not give a s***.

''I wouldn't want to be filmed in a bikini for 24 hours a day.''