Lena Dunham has insisted she is "not in a feud" with Melissa Joan Hart.

The 36-year-old writer was said to have fallen out with 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' star Melissa, 46, but has insisted that the pair have "never met" and wondered if those on social media who started the rumours in in the first place are "delighted" with what they have achieved.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I wonder, do you think there are people who sit at home and churn out almost like a Mad Libs of gossip to see if it will stick, and then they are delighted that it worked? While I am a fan, I have not met her. And I am not in a feud with anyone, as far as I know."

Earlier this month, the 'Melissa and Joey' actress insisted that she is a fan of the 'Girls' creator and she has no idea where reports of their rivalry originated from.

She wrote: "So I don't normally pay any attention to the tabloid rumor mill but numerous friends have asked me about my 'rivalry' with @lenadunham and I'm truly confused. We have no 'bee'", and as far as I remember we haven't even had the pleasure of meeting let alone having enough of a relationship to warrant any time to discuss drag queens."

She also shared screenshots of blind items from an Instagram gossip site about her alleged rivalry with Lena.

One message read: "MJH has it out for Lena Dunham," adding that they allegedly know each other because Lena's dad was friends with the creator of 'Clarissa Explains It All' and that there was an alleged fight between the two about "child drag queens".