Louis Tomlinson finds parenting "challenging" but "rewarding".

The former One Direction singer was prepared for the responsibility of being a dad because he was the eldest child in a large family but he thinks he has "changed" since Brianna Jungwirth gave birth to their son Freddie six years ago.

He said: "Being a father has changed me but because my mum used to work nights and I was the oldest, the responsibility fell to me to feed, dress and bathe my younger siblings, so I’ve already had a parenting crash course. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging, but it’s so rewarding too."

But Louis admitted one aspect of domestic life he's not mastered is cooking.

He said: "For lunch, I love a tuna sandwich with salad cream — not mayo — and some prawn cocktail crisps on the side. I’m a shit cook. I’ve survived on microwave meals for years, but I do feel sorry for my son — he must be sick to death of cheesy pasta."

The 30-year-old singer doesn't think Freddie sees his showbiz lifestyle as unusual.

He told the Sunday Times magazine: "I never work too long away from LA, so I see Freddie as much as I can. After my LA gig he came on stage and played the drums, which he loved. I think he assumes that it’s normal for everyone’s dad to tour the world performing."

The 'Walls' singer is determined to enjoy his life in the spotlight as much as he can because he knows he won't be travelling the world forever.

He said: "When I come off stage I need five minutes to decompress, but I’m still buzzing so normally a big group of us will go out. I won’t be touring like this for ever, but while I am I want to have all the fun I can.

"That usually ends at about 3am with me crawling into my pitch-black bunk on my tour bus before we start the whole process all over again the next day."