Louis Tomlinson has blasted "greedy f******" for taking too much money from their fans.

The former One Direction star has insisted he decided against offering "a meet and greet" for his recent tour because it's not a "fair" model for fans who aren't as well off financially.

Speaking to Music Week, he said: “In terms of what I think could be better, honestly, there’s too many f****** greedy f******. As artists, we can all do a little bit more to help out, with things like ticket prices, merch prices, everything that we put any kind of price on…

"Those things are really important to me. I could have had a meet and greet for the seven months I’ve just been on tour, and it would have been amazing f****** money.

"But the bottom line is, whoever’s got the richest parents or the most money gets a better experience, and that’s not f****** fair.”

The 'Bigger Than Me' hitmaker - whose second solo album 'Faith In The Future' will drop on new label BMG next month - noted how he's given a lot of control over this stage of his career.

He explained: “Everything BMG stands for is really important. The level of control, even the way that the deal is structured, everything makes you feel like you’re in control and they’re there to help.

"Yes, they offer opinions, but it’s not saying, ‘This is what the single or video should be.’ I needed that freedom because the last thing I want is to be sitting in my rocking chair when I’m in my seventies thinking I should have made my own decisions.

"They’ve really embraced me as an artist, all of my ideas and thoughts, which gives me loads of confidence and was what I needed."

He had previously been signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label, and left shortly before it was bought by BMG in 2020.

Addressing his decision to leave, he added: “I think it probably made sense for both me and Syco to go opposite ways. I had my own frustrations, I’m sure they had their own frustrations with me to a degree.

"I wasn’t really the traditional Syco artist. So it was a bit of a no-brainer for me really, and I did feel relieved when I was out of that.”