Michael Palin has said that Terry Jones can count on his fellow Pythons to rally around him following his diagnosis with dementia and speech-limiting aphasia.

Last month Jones revealed he had been diagnosed with the devastating disease and on Sunday he appeared at Bafta Cymru to accept a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to film and television.

Terry Jones and Michael PalinTerry Jones and Michael Palin

Speaking to the Radio Times Jones said: "I've known that Terry's memory was fading for a couple of years. This is progressive and the loss of the ability to speak is one of the things it brings.

"I grew up with a father who stammered and that was difficult enough for him. But for words just not to even be there, not to utter anything, it's a terrible sad thing to befall anyone.”

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"I saw John [Cleese] yesterday and there's nothing much we can do but stand there and say, 'Oh God, what has happened to our friend?' But the Pythons will rally around.”

Last week Palin had penned a touching Facebook post, after news of his friend’s diagnosis was made public. ‘The progress of his dementia has been painful to watch,’ Palin wrote.

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‘And the news announced yesterday that he has a type of aphasia which is gradually depriving him of the ability to speak is about the cruellest thing that could befall someone to whom words, ideas, arguments, jokes and stories were once the stuff of life.

‘Not that Terry is out of circulation…Terry doesn’t say very much but he smiles, laughs, recognises and responds, and I’m always pleased to see him,’ he added. ‘Long may that last.’