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Robbie Williams Buys Michael Winner's 46-Room Mansion For £17 Million

Robbie Williams Michael Winner

Robbie Williams has purchased a Grade II-listed mansion previously belonging to the late Sir Michael Winner. The former Take That star - who recently moved back to the UK from Los Angeles - paid £17 million for Woodland House, a property that was listed for £60 million just two years ago.

Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams Has Bought Woodland House in Holland Park

Robbie - who already owns an £8 million property in Wiltshire - wants his daughter Theodora to grow up in London and the new property is location in the heart of Holland Park. It boasts huge palatial reception rooms, an indoor pool and cinema room in the basement. A ballroom-sized master bedroom was once described by King Edward VII as "one of the finest rooms in London," according to the Daily Mirror.

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"Moving" Michael Winner Funeral Sees Director And Food Critic Laid To Rest

Michael Winner

Film director turned TV personality and food critic Michael Winner was laid to rest yesterday at what was described as a “moving service” at Willesden Jewish Cemetery in north London.

A statement released by the late star’s office was reported by Sky as saying "Michael Winner was buried today in a moving service at Willesden Jewish Cemetery, north London. If Michael had been alive to film it, he would have said 'Perfect, darling, perfect'. A cold wind whipped a flurry of snowflakes across the cemetery - a film director's dream."

Guests at the funeral were said to have included Sir Michael Parkinson and Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, as the man behind films such as Death Wish, was buried. Winner's personal assistant, Natalie Wright, said: "It was the most moving occasion. I've worked for Michael for the last five years and he would have loved the send-off." Winner had died at his home in Kensington, London on Monday (January 21, 2013); he was told in the summer of 2012 that he had between 18 months and two years to live following a problem with his liver. Packing in more than most to a life, Winner worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Marlon Brandon, Robert Mitchum and Faye Dunaway, before re-inventing himself as a restaurant critic in the 1990’s.

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A Week In News: Beyonce Lip-Syncs, Steve Harvey Breakdown, Shakira Gives Birth!

Beyonce Knowles Steve Harvey Kelly Osbourne Shakira Michael Winner Kevin Bacon New Kids On The Block Adele Barack Obama Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce Knowles

Commotion over Beyonce's pre-recorded inauguration performance, a very heart warming clip of Steve Harvey, Shakira becomes a Madre and more!

In Defence Of Bey: Music fans recoiled with indignation this week after it was speculated Beyonce had the audacity to pre-record a live performance for President Obama's inauguration in Washington D.C. We'd point you towards the technical difficulties of singing to 800,000 on the sizeable Capitol Hill, and can think of far worse lip-syncing flubs.

Aww, Steve: YouTube fizzed into action this week with a very special video of everyone's favourite TV host Steve Harvey. The Family Feud star was surprised by an old friend, leading him to choke back the tears. We won't say too much, just check it out!

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"Now I Need A Rest" Michael Winner, 77, Signs Off In True Style

Michael Winner

Michael Winner, the 77-year-old director of the Death Wish series, is being mourned by family, friends and fans today after passing away at his home in West London on Monday (January 21, 2013). Following the end of his filmmaking career, Winner forged a new identity as a bombastic and irate restaurant critic - he published his final 'Winner's Dinners' column in The Times, on January 15, 2013.

Knowing he was close to death, Winner gave his loyal readership an insightful glimpse into his final days, recalling his trip to Switzerland's Gstaad Palace, the favoured haunt of Mervyn Peake's Mr Steerpike character. Winner wrote how his "'bill for 12 nights was 47,900 Swiss francs (£34,963 at 1.37 Swiss francs to the pound, the rate I got at Marks & Spencer)." The writer observed "If I weren't British through and through, I'd move to Switzerland. Not for tax reasons but because it's so well run and beautiful," before poignantly signing off with, "Gstaad is packed with famous names, all fighting not to be in this column. I totally understand. It's a miracle they speak to me. If it were known that they associated with me, they'd be barred from right-thinking society. Tell you about it later. Now I need a rest."

Many of Winner's friends have been paying tribute to the late filmmaker, with broadcaster Danny Baker calling him "a chum, a funny man who twinkled...[and a] proper old rascal." Edgar Wright - the filmmaker behind Shaun of the Dead - called him a "crazy genius," while Gordon Ramsay called him "the most charismatic food critic ever. Loved him dearly."

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Tributes For Michael Winner Roll In

Michael Winner John Cleese

British film director, actor and food writer, Michael Winner, died aged 77 today after battling a long illness. Such was his influence, both at work and away from it, the tributes are both heartfelt and ample.

His wife Geraldine confirmed his death at their home in Kensington today. Mrs Winner paid tribute to him in a statement: "Michael was a wonderful man, brilliant, funny and generous. A light has gone out in my life."

Actor John Cleese paid tribute to his friend in a statement on his website: "He was the dearest, kindest, funniest and most generous of friends. I shall miss him terribly." Restaurant critic Jay Rayner wrote on Twitter: "RIP Michael Winner. He could be absurd and made some lousy films. But he could also be a rather lovely man. Winner made life more interesting." Piers Morgan tweeted: "Very sad to hear Michael Winner has died. Hilarious, often proposterous, always generous, highly intelligent man. And terrific writer. RIP." Andrew Lloyd Webber said: "True originals come rarely in a lifetime. Madeleine and I will deeply miss you. ALW"

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Michael Winner Dead At 77: Death Wish Director Passes Away In London

Michael Winner

Michael Winner, the 'Death Wish' film director and revered newspaper columnist, has died at the aged of 77, his wife Geraldine has confirmed to BBC News. Born in London in 1935, the filmmaker directed numerous films before heading into food criticism and becoming a well-known television personality.

He was famous for his barbed restaurant reviews for The Sunday Times, under the banner "Winner's Dinners." He was also known for his disdain of celebrity chefs, telling Laurie Taylor on the Sky Arts programme In Confidence, "Oh, celebrity chefs are a joke, aren't they? A joke. A joke. Why are they celebrities? We'll have celebrity plumbers soon and celebrity road sweepers. I mean, they're the most ridiculous - should shut up and stay in the kitchen." Last summer, he sadly revealed that liver specialists had given him just 18 months to live. 

His initial work as a director was satirical, though Winner became known for his action movies, including the violent Death Wish series starring Charles Bronson. Younger audiences were probably more familiar with Winner's television adverts for an insurance company, featuring his catchphrase, "Calm down dear!"

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