The last ever round of Monty Python reunion shows has been getting mixed reviews since its first night, July 1. While most fans likely filled the 20,000 seats of the O2 Arena because of nostalgia, rather than curiosity, the Pythons were accused of pandering to the point of being unfunny.

Eric Idle
Eric Idle - The Pythons' final outing won't make any new converts, say reviews.

Anticipating the comments, Palin, Gilliam, Cleese, Jones and Idle brought out a secret weapon on their second night – an especially acerbic Mick Jagger, who roasted them before the media could.

"Monty Python, are they still going?" Mick Jagger asks unwittingly in the hilarious intro video for Monty Python. "That's pretty amazing. They must be coining it. I bet it's expensive. Who wants to see that again, really? It was really funny in the Sixties."

The description “wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money" is one only Jagger could get away with. 

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The show itself is very ambitious. The final date of the reunion tour will be broadcast in movie theaters around the world on July 20th.

"It is a world event and that's really quite exciting," Idle told journalists, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "It means we're actually going to say goodbye publicly on one show. Nobody ever has the chance to do that. The Beatles didn't get a last good night."

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Mick Jagger
Jagger roasted the Pythons before the media could.