It went without saying that Nine Inch Nails would make a live appearance at the Roadhouse on the new 'Twin Peaks' series, but it seems that creator David Lynch had a very specific idea on what kind of sound he wanted from them for the eighth episode.

Nine Inch Nails performing liveNine Inch Nails performing live

Band members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross recently opened up about their collaboration with David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks: The Return' - a project that they really didn't need much persuading to join. As it turns out, the song that they sung at the Roadhouse entitled 'She's Gone Away' was written especially for the show, and ended up also being included on the 'Not the Actual Events' EP.

David told Trent to 'write a song, and I'll see ya in a couple of weeks' and he enthusiastically obliged. Though the director wasn't super down with what they had produced for him in the early stages of production.

'We wrote a different song initially and he said, 'How about something less 'Twin Peaks-y' sounding, and more aggressive and ugly', Trent confessed in an interview on Chicago's 101WKQX last week, with Atticus adding: 'I think he said, 'Make my hair stand on end'.'

'It was a complete honour to be involved. Lynch has also been a hero of mine', Trent continued. 'I was thrilled to learn that he was gonna put the effort in and bring 'Twin Peaks' [back] and do it in the style that he did. I was thrilled to see what it became. Because we didn't know any more than anybody else.'

It appears that David was 'super secretive' about the project with the entire cast, but Nine Inch Nails got their first glimpse of his revival project when they witnessed a frame of Agent Dale Cooper while the filmmaker was showing them their performance video.

'A few months later he said, 'Do you want to come by my house and check out your footage?'' Trent explains. 'We go by and it started, the frame that we began playing, and I think it went one frame past and he said, 'Pretend you didn't see that'.'

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We hope to hear the overly 'Twin Peaks-y' song they originally wrote sometime soon.