Noah Wyle, the American actor best known for playing 'Dr John Carter' on Er, said he wanted to be a stay-at-home dad after leaving the medical drama. Noah Wyle, who currently stars in the new Tnt sci-fi series 'Falling Skies', says he planned to take time out from television to rebuild his 'post-Er' career, reports the Associated Press.
Noah plays 'Tom Mason' in the new series, a Boston University history professor whose wife is killed and one of his sons taken captive in an alien attack. The actor said he never had plans to return to television this soon, saying, "After Er I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad for a while, The game plan, such as it was, was to stay away from episodic television, and try to rebuild my career in a post-Er world". Wyle, who divorced from his wife last year, has an 8-year-old son Owen and 5-year-old daughter Auden. The actor admits he accepted the part on 'Falling Skies' because he identified with his character's devotion to his children, adding, "And there's the grief and loss that he struggles to rebound from. These are all themes I'm interested in exploring in my own life".
As well as his role on Er, Noah Wyle also played Apple Ceo Steve Jobs in the 1999 docu-drama 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' and Flynn Carsen in 'The Librarian' franchise.