Noah Wyle 's sci-fi show 'Falling Skies' kicks off its new season on Sunday (June 17, 2012), with the actor dropping by Access Hollywood Live this week to reveal what's in store for him and his band of rebel survivors.
The 'ER' man stars as former history professor Tom Mason in Falling Skies - a series set six months into a world devastated by an alien invasion. Despite the big names attached to the show, including Steven Spielberg as producer, Wyle admits he left the decision up to his young son Owen, as to whether he took the role or not. He explained, "We talk about the jobs I'm up for. We talk about things I'm thinking about doing.I put the choice to him. It wasn't much of a choice, between, 'Do you want to see your dad be a lawyer or a policeman or an alien fighter?" The actor also revealed that he still keeps in touch with many of his former 'ER' co-stars, including George Clooney, who was recently arrested following protests in Washington, D.C. Wyle said, "Clooney actually sent me a really funny text asking me if I needed bail money (referring to Noah's own April arrest) I said, 'No, I'm good, but we'll get together and swap yard stories one day".
'Falling Skies' returns with a two-hour season two premiere on Sunday, on TNT.