Every time 'Doctor Who' returns to the BBC with a brand new series, it feels like a major event. The turning of the tides within the show comes quicker and faster than ever before, and it's already been revealed that this batch of new episodes will be Peter Capaldi's last in the titular role.

Peter Capaldi will bow out as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who' series 10Peter Capaldi will bow out as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who' series 10

He's not the only one on the way out, with showrunner Steven Moffat also set to leave his role as head honcho following the wrap-up of series 10, with 'Downton Abbey' veteran Chris Chibnall stepping in to replace him when all is said and done.

One of the constants in the show for the past couple of years however is Nardole, played by the tremendously funny Matt Lucas. Making history as the first full-time alien companion, Nardole will be playing a big part in the series to come.

Speaking about the character's future to Digital Spy, and the man who plays him, Moffat promised: "He's so brilliant and charming and he's already in place albeit decapitated... So we brought him back. He is The Doctor's go-to guy. He's not quite, as we have seen in 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio', the bumbling oaf he likes people to think he is - he's slyer, more devious, more useful and he has a very shady past."

Exactly what that past consists of is anybody's guess, but with such talent like Lucas on the small screen in the show comes increasingly addictive and compelling viewing. We're sure that whatever Moffat and the team have up their sleeves, it'll be something fantastic for Moffat's final series.

Moffat teased: "[The missing head] is explained. You do discover a little bit in the Christmas episode and across the course of the series how Nardole was put together again and why he's back. He's not just there on a whim. He has a job to do. All becomes apparent throughout the series."

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'Doctor Who' returns to BBC One at 7.20pm on Saturday, April 15. It will air on BBC America in the US.