Randy Travis

Prayers for Travis: We were saddened to hear of the ill health of country singer Randy Travis this week - the singer-songwriting suffering a stroke while undergoing heart surgery in Texas. His friends and family have asked fans to prey for the country veteran. Read the full story about Randy here.

Bieber's Bucket: Ah, Justin Bieber is really testing the 'loveable rogue' tag isn't he? He pushed it a little too far this week by doing two of the big no-no's in the U.S. That's peeing in a bucket and cursing the President. Read the full Bieber / Clinton story here.

Top of his Game: Jay-Z was given some potentially disastrous news this week - the one million sales of Magna Carta Holy Grail would not be counted by Billboard for the Hot 200 chart. Good job he sold 450,000 extra copies to put him on course for the top spot, then. Read the full Magna Carta Holy Grail story here.

Mariah Carey & Miguel's Beautiful Single Cover

HIGH Heels: How high must Mariah Carey's heels have been for her to fall and dislocate her shoulder on the set of the '#Beautiful' remix video? The singer was hospitalized though is said to be recovering well. Read the full story on Mariah's injury here.

Oh So Lonely: The Lone Ranger, Gore Verbinski's new movie starring Johnny Depp, could lose Disney a massive $150 million to make it the biggest cinematic flop of all time. The studio is praying that international box-office takings together with DVD and Blu-Ray sales steer it towards its budget, though it ain't looking good. Look at all the figures here.

Summer Fling: This week marked the return of the hair-whipper herself Willow Smith. The daughter of Will and Jada-Pinkett dropped her latest effort 'Summer Fling,' though question marks remain over the maturity of the lyrics. Read the full article here.

Del Toro vs Bay: With the release of Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' this week, we revisited the director's alleged spat with filmmaker Michael Bay and look at how the new film compares with the huge grossing Transformers franchise. Read the full story here.

Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons

Lindsay's Back: The Canyons. Remember this thing? Well, it's coming out! Lindsay Lohan's return to the movie world sees her taken centre stage in a rather odd looking movie written by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis. Check out the trailer now

Get Lucky! Great news coming from Nile Rodgers towers this week, with the legendary Chic guitarist confirming he is to collaborate with Daft Punk again on previously unreleased material from his disco group! We can't wait to hear it. Read the full article here.

Video of the Week:  This week's hottest footage comes from New York, where troubled actress Amanda Bynes arrives for her bong-throwing court hearing in a basketball jersey and Aqua wig. Watch the video of Amanda here.