The Travis family just can’t catch a break; first Randy – the world famous country singer faces life-threatening illness with viral issues, heart problems and a stroke in close proximity, then his brother - David Traywick - is arrested after the authorities in Union County, N.C found a methamphetamine lab inside his home.

Randy TravisTravis is currently hospital after myriad health issues

For fans of Breaking Bad, this will bring back memories of the AMC TV show, for Traywick’s family, though, it’ll bring back memories of last September, when deputies arrested Traywick for allegedly cooking meth in a makeshift lab near his home in Marshville.

Traywick and his wife Jessica were arrested alongside two other women for conspiracy to traffic the drug, which has caused innumerable problems in the area. They are due to appear in court on Wednesday. Captain Ronnie Whitaker of the Union County Sheriff's Office said: "It was more like a one-pot meth lab, like something some of these folks do in cars driving down the road. But it's still dangerous."(Via Yahoo!)

Randy TravisRandy Travis sings the national anthem Christians United For Israel

Depending on the amount allegedly being trafficked, sentences for this offense could be anywhere from three to eighteen years. Travis, who is recovering in hospital following a stroke and is said to be stable but still in a bad condition, has had his own drug problems. He pleaded guilty and received probation on a drunken driving arrest after he crashed his car into a construction zone in 2012.