Country singer Randy Travis has been charged with assault after an incident that occurred in a Dallas church parking lot in August.

The singer has pleaded not guilty and his lawyer, Peter Shulte, has stated that Travis was actually playing the good Samaritan at the time, Reuters reports. Shulte claims that his client is “absolutely not guilty” of the crime he’s being charged with. According to the police report on the case, the assault occurred when the 53-year-old singer intervened in a conflict between a woman he was with and her estranged husband. Shulte was quoted as saying: “"He was actually being a good Samaritan at the time, stepping in to save two women from being assaulted”

Travis has been in trouble with the law before. Earlier in August, he was arrested for drunk driving, but he has reportedly been on the straight and narrow since then. At the time of the most recent offence the Grammy winner was reportedly protecting the woman and his daughter from being harassed by a couple of unknown men.

Good deed or not, the incident managed to get Travis into trouble. He now faces a maximum fine of $500 and no jail time. We’d say that’s a worthy price to pay for chivalry. The singer’s court date is set for March 11th, so it’ll be quite some time before Travis actually has anything to worry about.