Miami rapper Rick Ross was the target of a drive-by shooting Florida on Monday (January 28, 2013), narrowly escaping the attack but not before crashing his car into a nearby apartment block. Detectives are on the hunt for the perpetrator though in the meantime, Ross has been advised to bulk up on security. Though it's entirely possible it was a random attack, there's also the belief that somebody out there wants the rapper dead.

"I think the next step for Ross to take is security. Lots and lots of security," he said. "There is no shame in having security depending on your level of celebrity. Certain artists just can't do things that regular people can do," said Brian B. Dot Miller of Hip-hop music has been marred by violence in the past - leading to the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG - and it almost became all too real again on Monday. "I think this is a sad day for hip-hop because a lot of times we all partake in the entertainment of it, without realizing that hip-hop was always built on the foundation of realness and keeping it real," said Kim Osorio, editor in chief of The Source magazine.

Fort Lauderdale police have confirmed that Ross was driving his silver Rolls Royce when the shooting occurred at 5am near the intersection of Southwest 15th Avenue and East Las Olas Boulevard. 

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